EXCLUSIVE Interview with Serge Devant

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Serge Devant­

Everyone who loves good music knows his name. He is one of the greatest house music stars. His music is out of any borders. It’s a mixture of different styles which work perfectlly together. This is Serge Devant.

Hello, Serge. Thank you for agreeing to give us interview for „Vip“ magazine. You have many fans in Bulgaria and they can’t wait to hear something new from you.

Where do you get the inspiration for making those tracks ?

Normal it’s a possible idea that just comes in from another track I like.

You have a special track for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, could you tell me more about it.

It was collaboration with Hadley and we wrote track for 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which was about world peace.

What changed since “ Exhibition“ till now? What happened to Serge over the years? Did you change?

I think  I`m leaning more towards house music rather than progressive or trance back in 2004.

You have many records with one of the most famous vocal singers in the world like Nadia Ali, Emma Hewitt, Hadley. Which one of them do you like working with the most and how much time does it take you to record and make a good product/track.

It would be Nadia , because i haven’t really finished full vocal track with her yet.

Is it easier for you to make track without vocal?  

It’s always easier.. But it has a shorter life span..

So many famous DJs made remixes on your tracks such as Tiesto, Jerome Isma-ae, David Thort etc. Which is your favorite remix of your track?

It’s hard for me to say.  I think that would be Stephan Lukes remix of sweet harmony. That`s the best remix  for me..

You have Russian roots from your parents side and travel a lot all over the world. Does the exploring and meeting other cultures help you somehow with your work? Do you find your inspiration while you travel?

Yes , I meet different people and explore different cultures.. It always inspires you.

As we can see you don’t follow one specific music style, you experiment a lot by putting some ethno motives in your tracks, many vocals, house, trance even little bit of chill out what is your next step? What can we expect in your next track?

I don’t know , until I cross that page.  Lets see what the future holds..

You often travel to Russia for some of your shows, where do you like it the most – Russia or USA? Which one of them do you prefer and why ?

I love going to Russia  because it’s like my hometown and I miss it  by living in America.

How would you describe “ Serge Devant ”?

Fun, sexy,  music with soul.

What advice do you have for aspiring DJ`s trying to make it big?

Make music you love, because good music will always find it’s way..  But it has to be good.. don’t copy anyone and don’t follow the trend.

What non-electronic music do you listen to?

Some classic rock. 

What are the top 5 events you have played at?

Global gathering, Kazantip, Wavfront.

You play often in Bulgaria, so can you tell us how do you feel the Bulgarian crowd?

It’s very warm,  welcoming crowd..  I feel like at home..  They are always so energetic and I love it !!

When we`ll see you again in Bulgaria?

I hope this summer..

Would you like to say something to the readers of  „Vip“ magazine. What would you wish them in the future.

Hope everyone has a great day and good luck with your magazine !!

Thank you for your time. Good luck!

Thank you

Ivan Karaivanov
Hristina Rozova